About SimpleShare
SimpleShare allows you to share files easily, including png, jpg, mp4, and more!
How to buy?

- Please send the correct amount to [email protected] via Friends and Family on PayPal.
- Contact Brooke#1001 on Discord with transaction ID, domain and IP you would like to use. The IP is your server IP. Please wait while she verifies, she is also human so she sleeps and has school.
- After Verification, please join https://chaottiic.com/discord/ to get constant updates on SimpleShare
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Normal License - $5.00
Branding Removal - $8.00
SimpleShare Versions
Version 3.0, was initial release of the SimpleShare API. Version 3.0 brings in about 11,512 total requests.
Version 3.1, has an entired changed backend. Version 3.1 brings in about 23,491 total requests.