About SimpleShare
SimpleShare allows you to share files easily, including png, jpg, mp4, and more!
Why buy SimpleShare?

The features SimpleShare has and the frequent updates it gets, makes it worth it.

The features SimpleShare has is:
- Ability to share files easily. (png, jpeg, jpg, txt, mp4, mp3 and more coming soon.)
- Template Editor
- Customizable Settings in a Dashboard
- Requested Features (I add features when people request them, or if I think of some I ask with a poll in the discord.)

This template was made for just I but I made it for everyone, SimpleShare does need a host, but it uses my API to get the template and backend processes.
- ServingCastle8#8743 for Default Template
- Past buyers for helping me fix bugs & adding suggestions.
- EazyFTW is the reason why I started selling SimpleShare.
- Anyone who has bought SimpleShare; Extremely helpful & makes me want to continue this project. :D
Buy Now
Normal License - $5.00
Branding Removal - $8.00
SimpleShare Versions
Version 3.0, was initial release of the SimpleShare API. Version 3.0 brings in about 11,777 total requests.
Version 3.1, has an entired changed backend. Version 3.1 brings in about 59,760 total requests.
Version 3.2, it introduces an automatic updater. Version 3.2 brings in about 108,710 total requests.