About Me
My name is Brooke
I'm currently attempting to expand my knowledge of programming language, which is going amazingly well.
Where do I start? Oh right, Chapter 1. Welcome to my Website, yes it's very.. Personal? This website displays everything I own, do, and want to do. Due to imposters of le "Chaottiic" I can not have people buying off of them thinking they are me. Hence why I made this website, welcome to my home! Need a project? No worries! I can help :wave:, please contact me on discord or via email. I'll respond faster via Discord, email may take sometime because of email notifications being delayed.
Chapter 2. The final chapter. Some people may think Developers sit behind their computer all day.. sometimes... ;) Most of the time I do participate in events, sports, ect. My first languages were HTML, CSS.. Well, they are MarkDown Languages so, my real first languages were Java; JavaScript & PHP. Wow you read all of that till this point? Sorry for boring you, lol.
Name - Brooke Moore
Discord - Chaottiic#0001
My Skills

HTML / CSS - 80%
JavaScript / JSON / NodeJS - 78%
PHP - 75%
Python - 70%
Java - 52%
My Portfolio
A multipurpose bot that has music, urban dictionary and more! Current stats are N/A guilds, with 83081 members.
We make our projects as optimize as possible. VyprSystems was made to help out the community.
StatusPage is a status monitor made with PHP, which can be hosted anywhere. Status monitoring is automatic.
EasySpigot offers plenty of tools for anyone to use; The API is free to use for any purpose.
AxiusDesigns offers high level GFX; Video Editing; Minecraft Servers, and so much more!
Unique Features and Affordable Pricing; Serve your players with the best store, so they can help you.
SimpleShare is a PHP Template for ShareX, quick images & text uploader, quick and easy to setup.
IcyForums is easy to install forum software for start up companies and or communities.
XenoNode is one of the leading cloud solutions providers that have employed the best cloud services providers.
VexiNode is working to provide you the best quality web hosting there is. With our optimised servers, you can't go wrong.
Project Ava
Project Ava is a classified Project; For any concerns please look at document #7862162.
My Blog
Daily Bug Fixes
- Login on *.chaottiic.com now goes to chaottiic.systems

- Added blogs as you can see..
- Fixed reply system

- Fixed connections being invalid.
- Fixed IP's being marked as NULL randomly.
- Added another security layer so i stop getting pings for PHP checks (no php here).
That's it 😊

Best Regards,
💖 Brooke.
Latest Updates
Hey! I've been doing a lot of updates to my System over the past week, (if you're in the discord you'd know..) I added: - SimpleShare Creation Page - Fixed Wrongful Errors - Attempted to switch SQL Engines - Attempted SimpleShare Suspensions - Updated my Project List - Fixed the Database from being deleted. That's basically it.. Thanks, Brooke 💖.